Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weeks Worth of Private Chef Meals

 Baked chicken topped with tomato and cheddar,  zucchini, corn and black bean salad, Mexican rice

As some of you readers know, I moonlight as a private chef.  After a day of running my school kitchen, I spend about 2 and a half hours cooking for a group of twenty-five adults.  I hope one day my school kitchen can produce some of the items I make as a private chef.  Here are some pictures of what I made this week as a private chef.
Roasted chili spiced salmon, cauliflower spinach and tomatoes, Israeli couscous
 Sloppy Joes, whole wheat penne sald with zucchini red onion and cherry tomatoes, steamed green beans
Spaghetti with a portabello tomato sauce, broccoli tossed with olive oil, garlic and chili flakes, lentil salad


  1. Those meals look great! I'm curious, what are the major obstacles to producing food like this in a school kitchen?

  2. This really looks delicious! I would love to see this in my school cafeteria. I teach in a high school in NC and we pay 3.50 (adult price) for high-sodium processed food.

  3. I believe the major obstacle in producing the above meals in a school cafeteria setting would be cost. These are hands-on dishes, not thaw and serve, so there is labor cost (in addition to outfitting a kitchen). You are cooking these beautiful meals for a group of 25 adults. Multiply that by 20 for 500 mouths, and you would get possible volume discounts on the ingredients but you would need more experienced hands in the kitchen, no? I love the blog and hope you keep it up.