Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

In time for Earth Day, my kitchen began rolling out the school's composting program.  While we don’t have a composting facility on school grounds, a local company, Save That Stuff, will take away our food waste (and paper products and biodegradable plastic cups) and compost it for us.       

We began the testing phase of the program last week.  Beginning with our middle school lunch, the kitchen asked students and staff to separate food waste from trash.  I stood in front of the bins to direct traffic for the first three days.  Everyone has caught on by now.  This week we introduced it to our upper school lunch.  Eventually, most of the school will participate, and we will have enough waste to make it worth it to Save That Stuff to come haul away the waste.  At that point our school will have to switch over to using biodegradable garbage bags instead of the regular black bags in the picture above.  I’m hoping that we will be saving at least 60% of cafeteria waste from going to a landfill.  


  1. What an awesome idea, Ali! You are doing a great job for this school. I hope they appreciate you!!

  2. That's great! My college composts pretty much everything (we even have compost toilets) and I love seeing composting being used in other settings!

  3. We have a composting facility in our tiny county and I love it! Inexpensive, super high quality compost, less waste into the landfill, and a few jobs to boot. The universities and city landscaping department are their biggest contributors. My husband and I have begun collecting the food waste from our favorite coffee shop and adding it to our piles. That's about 20# a week! You'll be saving TONS (literally) a year!