Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brave New Lunch is Back in Business

So many exciting things are happening in my school kitchen right now that I can’t wait to blog about!  I intended on starting up earlier but have been slammed at work.  The kitchen crew is down two members.  The five of us here are working extra hard, especially because we’re going full force into changing the menu with new and healthy offerings.

Here are some things we’ve done so far: 
-We served watermelon for dessert last Thursday for the first time at my school.  It was a hit!  
-We now use a delicious tomato sauce made with pronounceable ingredients, including carrot puree.   Really tasty AND healthy.  
-We replaced our white baguettes with cracked wheat baguettes for sandwiches.  There was one first grader who was quite upset because she "only likes white bread."  She will eventually get used to our brown bread.    

TOMORROW: I’m going to post about what I’ve been working on over the summer and ask for some help from you readers;) 


  1. Phew, I'm so happy you're still with us! :)

  2. These posts about school lunches make me want to cry. Why do the schools feed our kids crap???

    I pack lunch EVERY day for my kid. She refuses to eat in the cafe. She is in 3rd grade and has "bought lunch" maybe 10 times.

    I do not really know how the system works, but reading around, I am inspired to find out and try to make a difference. There are kids who buy lunch every single day. Also, at our school, we have a big percentage of free and reduced lunches. Basically, they have no choice but to eat it. Families cannot even afford to pack a lunch :(