Friday, June 25, 2010

Strawberry Season

The last time I went strawberry picking must have been over twenty years ago when I was no more than five years old.  It was a family trip, and my brothers and I had a blast running between rows of strawberries and, of course, sampling just plucked berries.  To celebrate the summer and the end of the school year, I decided to go strawberry picking with my fiance, just for fun.  And it was!   

Bring your family to one of the pick-your-own-farms in Massachusetts (or wherever you live) this summer– it’s a great way for kids to see where food comes from while supporting local agriculture.  Plus, many farms are family-friendly and have playgrounds, ride, and tours just for kids.  


  1. I took the kids strawberry picking last year with a couple of other friends and their kids. We had a blast.

    I take my kids on "fruit" picking trips all the time. However, while my son will eat the fruit he picked, my daugher still won't touch it. No matter how much fun she had collecting it, and despite the fact that every other kid is eating it, she won't even taste it.

  2. Unfortunately, there are very few you-pick places left in the state where I live. The insurance and liability issues are far to great. I sell at farmers' markets, but I have to discourage those who want to come out and pick their own--my insurance won't cover it.

  3. Strawberry season is long over here in Georgia (it's a spring--think Easter--crop here). But, I've gotten down right addicted to the blackberries from the local farm. They do you-pick but it's too darn hot here for that. They do sell some in the farmstand though for only $2.30/lb. Delish! Blueberries are just about to start. Unfortunately, they don't bring any blueberries into the stand. They are all you-pick (and I'm not gonna! :)), but I picked up some Georgia blueberries at the grocery store Friday for only .98/pint. I made a blackberry cobbler last week and a mixed berry cobbler for lunch today. So yummy!