Sunday, May 2, 2010

Operating Without Clean Water

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

Yesterday, a water main burst in Weston, Massachusetts leaving Boston and dozens of other communities without clean water for drinking or even hand washing.  Since my school is in the affected area, I anticipate many changes in school lunch tomorrow if this isn’t fixed by then.       

Drinks - We will serve no juice or water from our drink machines, which pull water from our pipes.  We will serve milk in cartons and juice in bottles.  We will probably boil and then chill water for drinking if this is to last more than a day.  We will use no ice. 

Dishes - Because it may not be safe to use our dishwasher, we will use paper plates and plastic utensils.  We keep disposables around in case of emergencies like this.           

Salad/Deli bar - Unless we boil water and chill it, we won’t have water to wash our vegetables or our equipment.  We may still serve salad, but it may be limited to items pre-made or pre-washed such as mesclun mix, hummus, and granola.  My main concern in running our salad and sandwich bars is how to wash all of our crocks and pans at the end of the day.       

Main meal - chicken patties sandwiches, pasta salad, and ice cream.  Luckily, the chicken patties are thaw-and-serve, so no washing required!  I think we’ll ditch the pasta salad.  The ice cream is a go.  

Hand sanitizer and gloves will be used abundantly.    


  1. How did it go? I thought I saw news that it's been repaired, but water will still need testing before all's back to normal.

  2. I read this article with great amusement, as I live in Kenya and in the this country there is just about nowhere you can go and get clean drinking water unless you buy bottled water. Only in the major towns do you find any type of piped water and I would think twice before I drink it from the tap.