Monday, March 29, 2010

Behind the Kitchen Door Series: A Peek Inside My School's Food Program

Beginning tomorrow, I will be posting profiles of different components of my school’s food program.  You’ll get a peek at our main meal, salad, soup, deli, and bagel bars, as well as our snack service.  I will discuss what I walked into when I began working in October 2008 and where we are today.  I will also discuss how we were able to make changes, issues we had to deal with along the way, and the challenges we still face.
I hope that this will shed some light on how a school might begin making improvements in school lunch, even if this is just an anecdote.  As I’ve mentioned before, my school is an independent private school and we don’t receive food subsidies from the government like public schools receive.  However, my school still deals with all the fundamental problems that public schools deal with in a school lunch, including a dependence on highly processed food, a limited budget, and lack of space and equipment.  Please look at my past post, 10 Positive Things About My School Cafeteria That Have Happened Over A Year And A Half, to read about some changes that I will address in the profiles. 

Thanks for reading my blog:)

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  1. Ms. A

    I am so excited that you will be posting profiles of your school meals.

    I am a cook or should I say a re-heater of processed foods at a small school in Washington State.

    I would so love our school to change its policies on lunches and breakfast but with budget cuts the food service is always the first to have hours cut, and with that my supervisor orders more prepackaged foods. Sigh. I just know we can do better.

    I check in every day and do enjoy reading your blog.

    Mrs. S